If you want to work while you study in Perth, you have every right and various opportunities to do so. This is a great way for you to get supplemental income to help finance your studies in Perth. It will not only uplift your lifestyle, it will also allow you to practice certain skills that will prove useful when you officially enter the workforce after you graduate.

Generally, your student visa allows you to work for up to 40 hours every fortnight – at least while courses are currently in session. When you are on break, you are allowed to work unrestricted hours. But if you want to pursue paid work in Perth, make sure you specifically inquire if your visa allows it – just to be sure. Not all working students in Perth opt for paid work – especially those who wish to only wish to take on internships.

Options to work while you study in Perth

So what are your options to work while you study?

The ideal job is something that complements your studies. If that is not possible, choose a job that is aligned with your talents and skills.

Here are the three options for you to work in Perth.

Paid work

Obviously, this should be a part-time job – especially when you are in the midst of your course. Fortunately, there are several industries in Australia that offer part-time employment for students. You can earn between $8 to $28 an hour for your efforts. Tutoring, at least for special studies, could even help you earn as high as $40 an hour.

Your options include the following industries:

  • Retail (department stores, supermarkets, clothing stores)
  • Hospitality (bars, restaurants, cafes)
  • Agricultural (farming, fruit-picking)
  • Tourism (hotels)
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Administration and back office work (clerical)
  • Tutoring

You should also consider looking at career opportunities in the university or school that you plan to go to. Finding work there might help reduce some of your school-related costs.


There are internship programmes that are paid but most of them are usually unpaid. Some will give you an allowance. If you are working for financial reasons, look for a company that will pay you. But if money is not a problem, then any internship programme will do.


If you simply want to occupy your time outside the campus, you may want to volunteer instead. There are many non-government organisations in Perth that are always looking for volunteers. This can be a great way for you to practice and apply what you learn in school. Not only that, giving back to the community is one of the best rewards of volunteering.

Reminders before you work while you study in Perth

Here are important reminders before you pursue a work while you study in Perth.

  • For paid work, make sure to inquire if your visa allows it.
  • You are allowed to work up to 40 hours a fortnight – while classes are in session. Unlimited hours are allowed when you are in your semestral break.
  • You have the same work rights even if you are an international student working part-time. You are entitled to work in a safe environment.
  • You can get in touch with a Fairwork Ombudsman in case you feel that you are being exploited or your rights violated.
  • You should get a Tax File Number even if you will only work part-time. Anyway, this is necessary for you to open a bank account to receive your salary. To get a TFN, you should complete a form in any Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
  • You are required to complete an income tax return.