Knowing the things to do in Perth is one of the important research that you need to do prior to moving here. Obviously, you will not spend every waking moment studying. You need to figure out what you can do outside your school activities.

The thriving life in the city of Perth

Fortunately for you, the city of Perth advocates a high-quality work and leisure lifestyle. That means the city is filled with various activities that will make life enjoyable and fulfilling. The city is filled with open spaces that are usually bustling with activities. You will surely enjoy the monthly festivals and events happening simultaneously throughout the city. Not only that, the nearby beaches will give you access to some of the best sports activities in Australia.  There are also several shopping and entertainment districts that will make every minute of your stay in Perth memorable.Your stay, even if it is primarily for educational purposes, can be filled with a lot of things to do in Perth. You can enjoy various activities within the city and outside of it. You do not have to keep your head buried under the books. Feel free to explore and experience the wonderful sights and sounds of the authentic Australian lifestyle.

Things to do in Perth after school

Here are the specific things to do in Perth when you are not too busy studying.

  • Cultural events. The city boasts of a world-class community of artists – from music, film, theatre and the arts. You will enjoy exhibitions, concerts, and shows – on a monthly basis. The rich cultural diversity in Perth includes the Indigenous Australian art – an exhibition of arts that tourists from all over the world come to behold and experience.
  • Entertainment and festivals. There is something going on in Perth regardless of the time of the year. When the weather is clear and pleasant, there are various outdoor and even rooftop activities. Street festivals are also a thing in Perth. Of course, these are several indoor activities as well like jazz lounges, live music, and concerts. The nightlife is thriving and you can visit clubs like Clarences, Connections, Ginger Night Club, and Llama Bar. Casinos are also something that you visit in Perth. The Crown Perth Casino is a great place to start.
  • Shopping in Perth. Fashion houses are scattered all over the city. The vibrant fashion scene of Perth attracted prestigious designer labels and uplift the local ones. The local residents of Perth generally love to shop so you can expect a lot of shopping opportunities in this city – regardless of your budget.
  • Sports activities. Thanks to the nearby access to the beach, you can enjoy a lot of water-related sports. You can enjoy surfing, beach volleyball, swimming, and even fishing. There are also modern facilities around Perth that will allow you to watch or take part in international sporting events like cricket, basketball, running, horse riding, and of course, the Australian Rules Football (AFL).
  • Expeditions in nature. There are also things to do in Perth if you love to explore nature. This is, after all, one of the largest regions in Australia. There are red deserts, ancient forests, and tropical beaches to explore. In fact, tourists from all over the world visit Perth to enjoy the beautiful landscape and unique plants and wildlife.