There are many places to live when you decide to study in Perth. Since studying in Perth is considered to be a bit more costly compared to other cities in Australia, you may want to give careful thought about where you will live.

Although it is not as expensive as Melbourne, the accommodations could bloat your budget if you fail to make a smart choice among your other options. The city of Perth is considered to be the second most expensive city in Australia so a low-cost accommodation option will help keep your overhead expenses low.

Options for places to live when studying in Perth

With international students making up at least ⅓ of the student population, you can expect that there are several accommodation options for these groups of students.

Based on the data from the Study In Australia website, here are your options when choosing places to live while you are completing your studies in Perth.

  • Hostels and guesthouses ($80 to $135 per week): There are two types: one that are privately owned and the other are those run by the YHA (Youth Hostels Australia). There are single and shared rooms available with common bathrooms and a kitchen.
  • Shared rental ($70 to $250 per week): This refers to renting a room or apartment that you will share with fellow students or friends.
  • On campus ($80 to $250 per week): All universities and colleges in Perth offer on-campus accommodations for students. There are two options available. Halls of residence refer to those nearest the campus grounds that consist of 6 rooms per unit and a common living room and kitchen. There are halls that provide meals with the lodging costs. Residential colleges are a bit more expensive but with guaranteed meals. These places offer more facilities compared to other options.
  • Homestay ($110 to $270 per week): This involves staying with an Australian family during your study period. It is a great way to interact with the locals and the authentic lifestyle of the community. The meals are usually included with the rent but there is a choice to opt-out of it.
  • Rental ($100 to $400 per week): This option is more expensive among the other places to live in Perth but will give you more independence. You can lower the cost by living with friends and fellow students. You also have the option to rent only a room – which is more cheaper compared to renting a whole house.
  • Boarding school ($10,000 to $20,000 a year): This cost is mostly for private secondary students. It does not include the tuition fees that you have to pay. The accommodations are in a dormitory with other students. The fee includes meals and even laundry services.Please note that all prices of the places to live in Perth are in Australian Dollars (AU$).

How to choose among the places to live in Perth

The question is, how do you choose among these places? There are a couple of considerations before you.

  • Your age. The younger you are, the more it is encouraged that you either live with an Australian family (homestay) or anywhere near the campus. If you are of legal age, your options will be greater.
  • Your budget. Obviously, you need to be able to afford your living accommodations. The higher the budget, the more options you have.
  • Your school activities. If you expect to be very active in school, living near it would be a great idea. It will lower your transportation costs – among others.