Murdoch University is an internationally recognised institution that is located in Perth, Western Australia. It also has campuses in Singapore and Dubai. Named after Sir Walter Murdoch (former chancellor of the University of Western Australia), the public university started its operations in 1973 as the second educational institution of the state. It started accepting undergraduates in 1975.

Murdoch is one of Australia’s leading institutions for research. The university is a member of the IRU or the Innovative Research Universities. The group comprises of universities that help conduct researches on a national and international standing. The collective expert knowledge, capabilities of the faculty and students are combined with the university resources to improve higher education everywhere.

Studying at the Murdoch University

Getting an education at Murdoch University will help you create realistic opportunities in your future. The school receives high praises from graduates for the high employment rates.

The teaching methods in the university recognises the fast-paced age of globalisation. Students are equipped and prepared to meet the career requirements and possibilities on a global scale. Pathways are created to help students and graduates access all the possibilities that will make a difference in every area of society.

The facilities in this university boast of innovative qualities and design. The school has a nursing hospital ward, veterinary teaching hospital, control engineering pilot plant, media arts centre, and law facilities that are fully functional and operational. Hands on instrumentation and application is a necessary part of learning and Murdoch University students have access to it.

Of the 22,000 students, more than 3,000 of them come from 100 countries. The diversity helps create a multi-cultural environment that shapes the perception of the students to make them ready to face the global market wherever they go.

Why choose Murdoch University?

There are many reasons why you should choose Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

  • It is an internationally recognised institution known for its contributions to research and the way it is integrated into the learning process.
  • It allows students to tackle critical global challenges together with research specialists.
  • It helps create well-rounded graduates that are sought after by businesses and industries from here and abroad.
  • It has fully functional state-of-the-art facilities that allow hands-on training and instruction.
  • It offers extensive student services for both domestic and overseas students with a full orientation programme, on-call student advisers, convenient accommodations, and multiple social events and functions.

Murdoch University offers the following courses:

  • Engineering and IT: includes computer science, games and software design and production, cyber forensics and information security, maths and statistics, renewable energy, engineering, etc.
  • Education: includes early childhood, primary, secondary education, etc.
  • Management and governance: includes accounting, hospitality and tourism management, economics, human resource management, international business, marketing, etc.
  • Arts: includes community development, Asia studies, Indigenous studies, public relations, sociology, tourism, sound, screen production, interactive digital design, theology, communication management, etc.
  • Health professionals: includes nursing, health care management, chiropractic, etc.
  • Psychology and exercise science: sports and health science, social and developmental psychology, etc.
  • Law: includes legal studies, common law, business law, criminology, etc.
  • Veterinary and life science: includes biological science, veterinary science, environmental sciences, marine science, plant biosecurity, etc.
  • Public policy and international affairs: includes development studies, international affairs, management, public policy, etc