Knowing the cost to study in Perth is an important factor in helping you decide if you will pursue your studies here or not.

While the tuition fee is the most important cost that you need to look at, it should not be your focus. There are other expenses that you will incur when you study in Perth. Make sure you consider all of them to determine if you are financially capable of studying in Perth.

Tuition fees in Perth

International students are expected to fully pay their tuition fees before they can begin their study program.

According to the Study In Australia website, here are the tuition fee costs (in Australian Dollars (AU$) that you should expect to pay while studying in Perth.

  • Primary and secondary schools: $7,800 to $30,000
  • English language studies: Estimate of $300 per week (depending on the length of the course)
  • Vocational Education and Training (specifically Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma): $4,000 to $22,000
  • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree: $15,000 to $33,000
  • Postgraduate Masters Degree: $20,000 to $37,000
  • Doctoral Degree: $14,000 to $37,000

Take note that the range provided do not include expensive courses like medical or veterinary studies. You can view the specific cost to study in Perth through the website of the university or school that you plan to enroll in.

These fees are the estimated costs of what you will pay each year. It does not include the incidental costs that you will pay in the middle of the year or the books that you will use. The actual cost will depend on the university or educational institution that you will choose. Some will include the amenities and services in the tuition fee while others will charge you differently. For the English language studies, the cost will depend on the course duration. Some will take as short as 4 weeks while there are those that take 60 weeks to complete.

Consider these other costs to study in Perth

As mentioned, the cost to study in Perth goes beyond the tuition fee. Here are the important costs that you need to consider.

  • Accommodations: $70 to $400 per week – the cheapest are usually the on-campus accommodations while the more expensive ones are rentals outside the school premises
  • Food and groceries: $80 to $200 – the more you eat out, the more expensive it will be
  • Utilities (e.g. gas, electricity): $60 to $100 per week
  • Phone and internet: $20 to $50 per week
  • Transportation: $10 to $50 per week (it will be cheaper if you choose to walk or ride a bike)
  • Entertainment: $50 to $100 per week

Take note that you also have to consider the cost of your student visa and even your travel and health insurance as well. For the health insurance, you can consider the Overseas Student Health Cover – a specific insurance for international students.