Curtin University is one of the most diverse universities in Perth. In fact, their students come from more than 105 countries all over the globe. It is considered to be one of the leading educational institutions globally. The school enjoys institutional relationships with more than 40 different countries. This allows it to conduct degree programs offshore – specifically with countries in the Southeast Asia Region.

Based in Kent Street, Bentley, the university is very active in consultancy, research, and development. The institution is the largest in Western Australia and is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin. It is one of 68 research centres and institutions and a member of the 16 Commonwealth Cooperative Research Centres. It has very close links with private businesses, the government, and the community. That makes it a great taking off point for graduates.

Studying at the Curtin University

So what is it like to study at Curtin University?

The school offers a comfortable and relaxed environment. It is most inclusive of international students too. There is great respect for each other – an ambiance that the school promotes very well. The diverse culture, specifically a strong support for the indigenous culture, contributes to a thriving environment that is not only conducive to learning. It is also set to have a positive influence on students as they live in a wider and cross-cultural community. Curtin is known for accessible learning and a family-friendly environment for students and staff alike.

The campus is a combination of environment sustainability and innovation. There are several technology-rich facilities but at the same time, there is a great effort in ensuring that each and every one will have a positive impact on the environment.

Getting to and from Curtin University is made easy because of the proximity of the public transportation. Within the campus grounds, you will find various places to eat, study, and buy basic needs. The Robertson Library is extensive and there is even an Abacus computer lab for everyone’s use.There are also adequate sports facilities that keep students active and fit in the fields of cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and football. Art enthusiasts are also given their special place to cultivate their creativity and improve their skill. Social clubs and events are diverse enough to cater to the personal interests of everyone – regardless of background and preferences.

Why choose Curtin University?

Here are the reasons why you should choose Curtin University.

  • It allows you to join a global university with important connections all over the world.
  • It is part of the top 2% of global universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2016.
  • The degrees are not only practical but also recognised internationally: Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin Business School, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • The teaching is innovative with problem-based, digital, and social learning methods.
  • It has a strong collaboration with various industries that allows the lowest unemployment rate possible for graduates.